Governor Bentley lied, we pay.

Governor Bentley promised no new taxes, he lied.  Governor Bentley in his speech first says that AL must live within her means and promptly tells us that he must raise taxes.  He obviously thinks that the people of AL are fools.

The people of AL have no extra money to pay larger taxes and yet the Governor wants to raise the taxes.  Just where are the people of AL supposed to find this additional money?  The Governor wants to raise the taxes on business in AL.  Taxes destroy business.  When taxes are raised on business the business simply passes those taxes on to their customers.  The customers have no money to pay for the increased cost of the goods being sold.  New and/or increased taxes on business force more businesses to close or lay off people.

If the Governor wants to see the revenues of the state of AL to increase he should lower all taxes.  This would bring in more business which would bring in more new residents.

Vote against any new or increased taxes of any kind.


2 thoughts on “Governor Bentley lied, we pay.

  1. A lot of the new business that has came into Alabama does not pay a dime to the state and minimal to the feds. Mercedes is considered an “International Trade Zone” for example.
    Also we do not need any new residents. We need the residents we have either working or under control.

    1. Thank you for your reply. It appears that you may have more information about these “International Trade Zones” It is something that I have not looked into, but am interested.

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