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Wall Street and government.

These people on Wall Street have their heads up their asses or at the very least buried in the concrete.  Inflation has been soaring.  Especially considering that corn is being used for fuel, pigs and cows and chickens have been or are being killed by the millions due to some “disease” or other.

Wages are flat when both wage and salaried employees are lumped together, but when the salaried managers are taken out of the equation wages are plummeting.  On the other hand, managers salaries have risen tremendously.

“Manufacturing” is only being maintained through channel stuffing cars and shortening the lifespan of, or reducing the quality of things like washers and dryers and dishwashers, etc.  In reality there is no manufacturing (or very limited) in the U.S.  In the U.S. it’s all assembling of parts manufactured in other countries.

Small business in the U.S. is being decimated by government interference at all levels.  The number of new small businesses has crashed. 93 and half million people are permanently out of work because small businesses used to be the largest employer in this country.

The life blood of the U.S. citizen is being drained off by the federal government and given to Iran, Kenya, ISIS, Turkey and of course one cannot forget the 30 million illegal aliens.

Are they actually “senseless”?

“Whenever we hear about these senseless acts of violence, it makes us both furious and sad,”

Are they actually “senseless”?
Given that virtually every one of these “senseless acts of violence” has been committed by admitted leftists and liberals and muslims I think I’m beginning to see a pattern. It looks to me like we should be outlawing leftists and liberals and muslims.

Sometimes the left lets us know what’s wrong with their thinking.

“The gun massacre in Louisiana yesterday was one of those; a man with a handgun that was designed only to kill, killing helpless people in a movie theatre.”

“…killing helpless people…”

If someone would have been carrying that person may have been able to stop the shooting much sooner.