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Could you fade to gray if you had too?

“No one remembers the guy on his laptop wearing a button-down shirt and a clean-cut appearance in a coffee shop full of guys on their laptops, all dressed like businessmen and sipping lattes and whatnot, who come in for an hour, get a bit of work done on their laptops or have a quick meeting. They do, however, remember the guy with the big ol’ beard who came in to that same trendy little shop wearing a shirt that brags about his willingness to kill for liberty, tactical pants and a DTOM hat while ordering a large coffee, black. If someone comes to the shop later showing your driver’s license picture around, which of those two scenarios would result in someone saying “Yeah, I remember that guy!”

Fred may not like him, but he understands.

“Of course Trump also is a billionaire,but he is a turncoat, a class traitor, the Benedict Arnold of billionaires. He addresses the issues that the Insiders want to remain unaddressed. He is indeed dangerous. He threatens the endless (immensely profitable) wars, the endless (immensely profitable) shipping of American jobs to China, the endless (immensely profitable) importation of cheap Mexican labor. He threatens the sacred rice bowls.”

The Mask Comes Off: Putrefaction Most Foul

He will always be a He…

…no matter what His preference.

Demanding Discourtesy in Courtesy’s Name

Immigrants are the destruction of America

Bigger-vs-Smaller-Government“Compared to Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, favor larger government and a less free market with more regulations and higher taxes. Minorities also favor higher levels of spending on helping the poor, healthcare, education and welfare. By contrast, White Americans favor more spending on the military.”

Political Ideology in America by Race