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Tech volunteers wanted — Vox Popoli

We are looking for some assistance on the Big Fork team. Here is what we’re looking for: Producer/Project Manager. Someone to keep track of what everyone is doing and free up Rifleman to focus on the coding.Mediawiki — has worked with the Mediawiki codebase and has deployed Mediawiki sites for at least 2 years, has worked…

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Awww, does it hurt to have people shoot back?

“Some people simply don’t understand that if you shoot at people, they will not only shoot back at you, but they have the option of continuing to do so long after you’d prefer a ceasefire. Remember, once you start something, you give up the ability to unilaterally decide that it’s over.”

No free passes anymore — Vox Popoli

Journalists are astonished to discover that the subjects of their investigations can and will strike back these days:Seeking to shine some light into the dark world of Internet trolls, a journalist with Finland’s national broadcaster asked members of her audience to share their experience of encounters with Russia’s “troll army,” a raucous and often venomous…

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What can have changed? — Vox Popoli

The US infrastructure is decaying and local, state, and federal governments all lack the wherewithal to effectively replace it. I wonder what could possibly explain this loss of capability?Guess what blatant reactionary wrote the following words: “It seems plausible to wonder if government can build a nation abroad, fight social decay, run schools, mandate the…

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“Oh God. Oh God. It’s Hillary or Trump.”

“The first, a loathsome Gorgon paddling about in the  bubbling corruption and fetor of Washington, a political hooker…”

“But…Trump? A huckstering bully growling, “I can whip any man in this bar.” He doesn’t seem to have looked around the bar very carefully.”

Here Comes Donald!: Duck.

Be Angry only to protect your life.

14 Stupid Things To Stop Being Angry About

Holding anger