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So we’re expected to believe democrats?

Hillary’s Hacking Problem is About to Explode

“In a statement released last Friday, two senior Democratic lawmakers formally accused Russia of attempting to influence the US election. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff, the vice-chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees, accused the Kremlin of…”

“making a serious and concerted effort to influence the U.S. election.”

Teachers and schools are out to destroy todays youth.

Teen defends the 2nd Amendment, school orders psych evaluation

Beyond tone deaf — Vox Popoli

Seriously, who is advising Hillary Clinton? It’s like a parody of a presidential campaign:Hillary Clinton trolled two White House opponents with a single response, dinging Gary Johnson and Donald Trump by naming Angela Merkel as her favorite world leader.The Democratic presidential nominee on Thursday joined the discussion about politicians’ favorite world leaders, a topic that…

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