Suggestions for Trump

My suggested priorities.

1) Immigration/migration.
Since immigration/migration affects every aspect of our lives this must be the first on the list to be addressed. With an estimated 65 million immigrants/migrants currently in the U.S. this accounts for nearly 20% of the U.S. population.
Stop all immigration/migration whether legal or illegal. Deport all immigrants/migrants that are currently in the federal and state prison system. Then start searching out and deporting all illegals. If a city or state refuses to co-operate in deporting illegals shut off all federal funding. No exceptions.
Any amnesty that my be granted by Obama must be immediately reversed. Immigration/migration + proximity = war.

2) International trade.
International trade that does not put Americans and America first is one giant step toward globalization.
All international trade deals must be repealed. No new trade deals or treaties are to be enacted. Tariffs must be applied to all goods imported into the U.S.
All attempts to purchase businesses or corporations within the U.S. by international businesses, corporations or countries must be made illegal. Any foreign owned businesses or corporations must be taxed at 100% over domestically owned businesses and corporations.
Globalization = Lack of Sovereignty.

3) Repeal all executive orders and memorandums of understanding executed by the previous administration.
It will help restore an atmosphere of trust in government. This will go a long way toward restoring freedom and liberty in the U.S. It will not, however, be enough. Furthermore,

4) Repeal (and do not replace) the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
In the short time this law has existed it has been largely responsible for the change in the characteristics of the U.S. work force. Small businesses can’t afford the costs, fines and penalties of complying with the many aspects of this law. Therefore, the number of small businesses (the backbone of the American employment landscape) has decreased tremendously. Furthermore, the costs to the American people have risen and are projected to rise beyond the capacity of the people of America to pay.
In addition, repeal any and all laws that have anything to do with the medical well being of the people of the U.S. It is through the rules and regulations fostered by the U.S. government that the costs of medical care and prescription medications in the U.S. have skyrocketed since the 1970’s.

5) There are about 400 agencies of the federal government. Shut them down. Eliminate all of them. These agencies are responsible for rules and regulations that destroy businesses.
The EPA is responsible for the distruction of the air, water and soil quality throughout the U.S. with their rules and regulations. They create onerous rules and regulations that close small businesses through the added costs of compliance. They, however, are not the only source of our problems.
The FDA is directly responsible for the deaths of 10s of thousands of U.S. citizens. The FDA procrastination and corruption not only leads to many human casualties, but also forces the costs of medications to skyrocket.
The Bureau of Land Management siezes private property ostensibly for parks and recreation, but uses its’ powers to futher international interests such as the UNs’ Agenda 21. Additionally, its’ management practices destroy the very land, water and air that it claims to be protecting. Close all federal agencies.

6)  More is needed, but this will be a start.

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