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Now this is worrisome.

Not because they are buying items for self defense, but because Leftists and SJWs’ are so completely unstable.   Just look and Columbine, Virgina Tech, Fort Hood and Sandy Hook.  Now we’re going to have even more crazies running around “defending” themselves.

There are no “refugees” — Vox Popoli

It is neither “compassionate” nor “humane” to grant refugee status to any individual. It is now clear that granting residence on the basis of refugee status is an act of war against your own nation and society:TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two Turkish nationals currently applying for refugee status for allegedly raping…

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The ultimate argument for atheism — Vox Popoli

Even the formidable vocabulary of John C. Wright struggles to find the words required to address the most cogent argument in defense of atheism ever articulated:When George Lucas sat down some autumn afternoon out on one of the verandas at Skywalker Ranch and began penning The Phantom Menace, with its two-dimensional characters and pointless plot,…

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Mailvox: the ontology of existential idiocy — Vox Popoli

Wild Man keeps blithely repeating the same argumentative nonsense over and over again despite the fact that he can’t even construct a basic syllogism or correctly understand what Western civilization is. VD – you said – “Give it up, Wild Man. I already told you that you’re full of it. You keep trying to work…

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Vox Day of the Washington Post — Vox Popoli

It could happen, right? They really do want alternative, intelligent, Trump-supporting columnists with considerable mainstream media experience, right?Wanted: Columnists to say nice things about Donald Trump. Must be able to make cogent arguments in favor of the president-elect’s policies, appointees and statements. Experience preferred but not required.It’s not an actual want ad, but it might as…

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Shut down the universities — Vox Popoli

Being fully converged, they are no longer fit for their original purpose of educating the sons of the elite.The prestigious University of Oxford wants students to replace “she” and “he” with the more gender-neutral pronoun “ze.”The university’s behavior code states that using the wrong pronoun for a transgender person is considered an offense, and a…

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