How do you “save” a defunct, but necessary industry?

You don’t.

But what about starting over.  The best incentive to starting over is to first get government out of the industry altogether.

Kill the EPA and all other government agencies that get in the way of American enterprise. The EPA has turned into leviathan.  A monster aimed at the heart of America.  The EPA has been allowed to assume a role that was never intended as all government agencies do in time.  Return the EPA and all of the 400 or so agencies of the government to their original mandates or, preferably, repeal the laws that created them.

Use the carrot and stick approach.

Provide incentives in the form of lower taxes on capital gains and environmentally efficient industrial process improvements.  Offer incentives for repairing environmental damage or huge fines for indifference.  Reward companies for improving the processes of finding, removing and handling raw materials.  Support companies that make wise use of new or improved technologies.  Punish companies that neglect to offset the effects of doing so.

Help American companies by strictly limiting the importation of raw materials from foreign owned or operated companies.  Add high tariffs on all raw materials imported into the U.S.


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