President Trump.

You’ve been in private enterprise your whole life.  You’ve made and lost millions if not billions of dollars.  You’ve employed tens of thousands of people during the course of your life and paid millions of dollars in taxes of one form or another.  I applaud your efforts.

Now, I must point out that as the President of the United States you have now become a net loss to the American taxpayer.  Even though you plan on not taking a salary as President every moment of your life for the next four to eight years will be a drain on America and beyond.  Every cabinet member, every aide, every Senator and Congressman and their aides, every bureaucrat and every contractor employed by every branch of government will be a drain on the coffers of this nation.

Every time you ride in a car or fly in a plane or speak at this or that function it will cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars.  Secret Service protection, multiple bullet proof vehicles, Air Force One, the White House, every place that you chose to reside for even a very short time will require a huge expense.

I don’t begrudge the expense too much.  Your safety is very important to all of America.  You cannot properly do your job as President without protection from would be assassins.  But, I never want you to forget that you and every government official, employee or contractor represents a net loss in taxes.

Look at it this way.

Let’s say that the budget for your administrations first year in office is one trillion dollars.  You must pay the salaries of yourself and every federal government official, employee and contractor out of that one trillion dollars.  The following years your administration would be totally dependent on the “taxes” paid by you, those government officials, employees and contractors.  That’s the money available to you to if you and every government official, employee, bureaucrat and contractor were completely separated from the taxes (income) provided by the American people.  There would be no new infusion of cash.  You would find that the money available to you would decrease every hour of every day of every year as if being sucked into a black hole or going down a drain.  The “taxes” paid by you and all of the those government stooges would decrease because there would not be any new influx of money (taxes) coming into your administration.  It would be an ever decreasing cycle.  A net loss that would see you without a cash flow to pay your bills in short order.

You are now totally dependent upon the confidence of the American people, those that elected you and those that didn’t, for support.  You, Mr. President, are considered our last, best hope for America. Don’t disappoint.  If you fail us America will fall.


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