Mr. President

Yesterday I described how, as President, you, your administration and the government around you will operate at a net loss to the American taxpayer.  That is not to say that a Trump administration will be any different than ALL past administrations.  Governments of any kind have always been and always will be a drain on the wealth of nations.

I point this out because to this point you have been a wealth builder.  You, as a private business man, have been the impetus for creating wealth by building and expanding your business empire.  You have made it possible for tens of thousands of others to earn wealth in service to your aspirations.  But, now things are different.

As President of the United States of America you will call upon the expertise of dozens of advisers.  Perhaps even hundreds.  The problem is that every person employed by government; every person that receives a pay check from the government (and that includes government contractors and subcontractors) is taking food out of the mouths of that part of the civilian population that works in the private sector.

The last time I checked the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were approximately 22 million people working for the government.  That number does not include the millions of people working for contractors that get paid by the government.  That number does not include millions of people that work for foreign contractors that get paid by our government.  The government that now is being lead by you Mr. President and your administration.

You will inherit boondoggles.  Programs that have been and are destroying the wealth of our nation.  Boondoggles such as the F35 “fighter jet” that has tremendous cost overruns and still cannot effectively replace much less expensive and more effective airships; such as the Navy LCS program (in which the ships are unable to complete their missions due to numerous malfunctions).  And then there is the militarization of the civilian police forces of the United States.  A situation in which “surplus” military hardware is provided to police forces around the country.  How is it that our military has such an excessive amount of hardware that it can supply civilians.  Is that one of the places where the Pentagon “lost” 6.5 Trillion dollars of taxpayer money.  Will General Mattis provide you with an accurate accounting of all of the money “lost”?  How about the trillions spent in overseas “wars”.  That’s not even counting the death toll from these “wars”.

I could go on and on with describing the taxpayer wealth wasted. The biggest waste, the waste that has added to this countries debt since 2007 by over 20 trillion dollars is the unabated “printing” of dollars by the Federal Reserve Bank.  Of course “printing” is no longer an accurate description, but it simplifies the thought.

Unless you, Mr. President, stop the “printing” of money, stop the outflow of cash from our shores no improvement is possible.  Until you, Mr. President, turn off the spigot by reducing the size and scope of government and the Federal Reserve our nation will not recover.  Until you, Mr. President find a way to repeal the laws that strangle and destroy businesses in the United States the United States will continue to devolve into the third world country that the globalists desire.  Until you, Mr. President, find a way to rescind the laws that take away the dignity of the American people those people will continue to devolve into the whining, simpering, crying, thoughtless barbarians that we have seen on the nightly news over the last several years.

Government does not and has never created wealth.  Only the private citizens of a country can do that.  But, government can certainly destroy wealth if it no longer supports its’ citizens.  When the laws of a nation no longer protect the innocent, but rather encourage the lawless then the outcome is certain.  The nation dies.  Our nation is dying, Mr. President.

I and millions of others hired you to plug the leaks in our sinking ship.  You must find a way to refloat the American Dream.  You must find a way to allow the people of this country to Make America Great Again.

Richard J. Medicus

220 W. Spruce Ave.

Foley, AL 36535


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