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Megacities and war.

I could be wrong, but personnally I believe that they will be easy to defeat.  Ten million or more people in one city are going to be hungry and thirsty.

MSM fanning the flames of discontent.

MSM fanning the flames of discontent.

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States provides for the right of a free press. It doesn’t say that we have to believe anything that is printed. Unfortunately many week minded people still do. In todays world that also applies to radio and television.

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, George Washington and many others penned missives against the government of the day thereby fanning the flames of resistance to the crown. Their words were read by perhaps two or three thousand. It was the town halls, churches, taverns and saloons where the word was spread to the populace. But, even that would amount to only a few thousands more.

We were in the midst of what amounts to a Civil War. One faction of the colonies was fighting another faction. Only a third of the colonists openly expoused separation from the crown. Yet the “American” press wrote opinions against the majority of the population in hopes of agitating for a chance to be self governing. Benjamin Franklin was the MSM of the day.

I’m sure that Benjamin Franklin would applaud the MSM for being able to reach billions of earths inhabitants. But, would he applaud the message? What’s the difference? How is the “free” press of today different than the press of Franklins time? Would Benjamin Franklin look at the press of today and still believe that a “free” press is a good idea?

First, I believe that Benjamin Franklin would believe in the necessity of a “free” press even more in todays environment. He would probably question whether the MSM is a “free” press. He would probably also question whether the America of today is a free America.

The MSM is no longer an American press. The people that populate the news and opinions of the MSM have been raised and trained to believe in a Socialist/Marxist/Communist utopia. They believe that they will guide the will of humanity. They in turn bend their knees before masters who believe they know better than the rest of us how we should live and die.

So, the difference between the press of Benjamin Franklins day and the press of today’s world is a matter of direction. From which direction shall our lives be guided? A free man says that only he can guide his hand. Only a free man knows the best direction for his life. A man who supposes that he is incapable of knowing the best direction for his life, a man who has given up the power of his reasoning mind to the will of others has attached the shackles of slavery. Those in the MSM have chosen the shackles. The free press of todays world are the blogs written and colated by individuals and small groups of like minded men and women.

The MSM are fanning the flames of war not because they believe in the freedom of individual thought and action but, because their masters have commanded it. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Black Lives Matters, LaRaza, ISIS, negroes, Mexicans and immigrants are being used by men seeking to destroy freedom in the world. It is the MSM that is being used by those men to fan the flames of deceit, rape, pillaging and murder. Each must be addressed in its’ turn but, I suggest that it’s the MSM that must be destroyed or co-opted by free men before truth and justice shall prevail.