Women on the internet.

Women on the internet.

I look around the internet and find thousands of women knowing that there are millions more that I don’t find. As I look around and admire many of the faces that I see I wonder how many of them have and would welcome cruelty into their lives. Millions have voluntarily accepted that their lives mean nothing.

Why do I say that women (and men) voluntarily accept slavery as a way of life? Because they welcome their slavers into their nations and communities and homes.

Their masters originally came with open arms espousing peace as their way of life. It was only after arriving and insinuating themselves into the lives of the nations, communities and homes to which they traveled that suddenly the definition of peace took on an ominous meaning. The meaning of peace suddenly changed from “a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations”. Now the meaning of peace was defined by the travellers. The travellers demanded that peace was only possible with complete enslavement and submission. It turns out that the travellers were actually invaders.

Ah, now I see. Now it becomes clear. But, didn’t they say they came in peace? Why, of course they did. But, the women (and men) believed them. Believed that the invaders were coming to their nations, communities and homes for help, for assistance. They weren’t travelling looking for a better place. They were travelling to change their destination. To change their destination to their way of life. The were, and are, invaders, conquerers. The difference is that they did not arrive suddenly with warships and tanks. The invaders came gradually with their wives and children.
Oh, they asked for help. They claimed to be downtrodden and lost. They asked for and received help from the nations, communities and homes to which they travelled. They asked for money, food, housing and medical care. And they got it. And they are still getting it. The invaders are enslaving nations using the compassion and goodwill of the people of those nations.
Compassion, a truly female trait. Compassion: “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.” Compassion can be a desired trait when travelers have no ulterior motive. Compassion works to our benefit when our relatives and friends need our help. But, when it becomes clear that travelers are actually invaders compassion must be put aside and war declared.
Women are comassionate and we love them for it, but compassion is being over done. Now is the time of the warrior, of the men who take up arms in defense of our nation, our community and our home.
Our nation has been, and continues to be, invaded. The invaders come across our borders by the thousands. They are even being encouraged by our own government. All of them are here to substitute our way of life with their own. We must put aside all compassion for now it only works against us. The invaders must be turned back by any means necessary. We have no other option if we are to survive. We have no other option if are to leave to our progeny a nation in which thought and action are not controled by tyrants claiming to be benevolent. Benevolent dictators are still dictators. They create bureaucracies that are even more dictatorial.


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