A House Divided

Lincoln said that a house divided cannot stand.  To save that house he is credited with the deaths of 750,000 soldiers of the Union and Confederacy.  With Obama refusing to step out of the limelight of the presidency after leaving the WH it will be interesting to see how many deaths will be attributed to him after CW2.

Obamas’ interference in the workings of the federal government after leaving office will continue to divide this nation.  Many will claim Obama as the true “ruler” of the U.S. Certainly the MSM, the Clintons, the CIA will do everything they can to help Obama undermine the Trump Presidency.  The word racist will be bandied about even more than has been while Obama was in office.  Probably he will use it constantly because he will no longer be constrained by his office.

The next four years will be the toughest Trump will have ever lived.  It is up to us to provide the support that he will need.







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