Doubts about Gorsuch

I have several doubts about Neil Gorsuch for the SCOTUS position. First he claims to be a pro 2A judge and yet he qualifies his stance. Furthermore, the church to which Mr. Gorsuch belongs supports the limitation of the rights of the people to own the means of self defense. He belongs to a church that supports the admission of immigrants when it is immigrants, legal and illegal, that are taking jobs from Americans, or that desire to change our judicial system to Sharia. Additionally, the church to which Neil Gorsuch belongs supports Obamacare, a tax foisted upon the American people. It also believes that global warming is caused by humans when that has been clearly shown to be a lie.
I believe that Mr. Gorsuch must provide believable answers to some specific questions. Questions such as:
What did the Founders mean by “A well regulated militia”?
What did the Founder mean by “being necessary to the security of a free State”?
What did the Founders mean by “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”?
What did the Founders mean by “shall not be infringed”?
How can past Supreme Court opinion specifying protected arms as those being “in common use at the time” not apply to the types of firearms needed for militia service?
What is the basis for global warming/climate change?
Is Sharia compatable with the U.S. Constitution?
Which should come first, Americans or immigrants?
Is the judicial system the ultimate arbiter of U.S. law?


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