Fine government.

The Constitution for the United States of America would never have been signed by the first 13 states had the Bill of Rights not been promised and then added.

In todays United States every one of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution has been openly and flagrantly ignored or infringed by government at all levels. Judges sign search warrants without properly vetting the sources. Police stage “no knock” raids at an every increasing rate.  Mayors of cities and towns condone violence against local businesses by restraining proper enforcement of law.  Publicly supported colleges and universities support and preach violent protests against the “wrong” kind of thought or speech.  Government condones stealing by our police forces through asset forfeiture.  Taxes are levied against private property, including land and incomes.

Government has overstepped its’ authority by claiming that it is for the collective good.  All the while increasing the difficulty for the basis of that collective, the individual, to support themselves.

It’s time that all states re-affirm their support for the Bill of Rights and incorporate stiff penalties for ANY infringement by any and all government representatives, agencies or employees.


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