The Left has come out of the closet.

I want to thank POTUS Trump for causing this to happen.  It’s been something of an open secret to one and all for a long time.  The Left has come out of the closet.  They have openly declared war on the “Deplorables”  An appellation that I am proud to accept.

Before Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency of the United States Leftists declared that should he win “…Trump and his jackbooted thugs would take over and put people into camps and treat them as nonhumans.  …Leftists said if Trump won, that there’d be violent mobs of hate, and intolerant fascists would try to silence those with whom they disagree. And they were right.”  What they didn’t say was that it would be the Left that would create all of the havoc.  It would the Left that would dispatch the “Jackbooted Thugs” to burn and destroy.  It is the Left that is attempting to create monsters to be defeated all the while showing just who it is to be the monsters.

Now it is the Leftist comedians and pundits that hope and pray that the military will join their cause.  The Left is asking for what, eight years ago, they would have abhorred.  They want a military coup.  A move that would probably destroy them first and foremost.

POTUS Trump, thank you.  Thank you for bringing into high relief a true picture of monsters on the loose.



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