Positive news

A bit of positive news…. comes from a former Military
Intelligence Officer who lives in New Hampshire

> Dear Family and Friends,
>   Most of you know that our son, xxx, works in a leadership position
> within US Special Operations, specializing in counter-terrorism, at
> the Pentagon. I spoke with him last night to get his view of how the
> first week of the Trump administration was perceived there. It was a
> short conversation but very informative.
> The difference he said is nothing short of amazing. It is almost as
> though you can feel it in the air, in the pace of people strides, in
> the expressions on their faces. But beyond that, the change in process
> has been immediate. Within 48 hours several action orders that had
> been languishing for up to six months between State, NSC, and the
> White House, were approved and executed. Over the last X years (XXX
> has been there for about X years) and particularly, the last 3 to 4,
> the atmosphere has been stifling. Every little thing had to be vetted
> by dozens of 30-year old State Department lawyers (with no military
> experience) before it even got up the chain, effectively neutering the
> senior officers and reducing effectiveness to near zero. This past
> week, xxx took something to General Dunford, our Chairman of the Joint
> Chiefs of Staff, and within minutes it was approved by the Sec Def,
> General Mattis (both Marines, by the way) and greenlighted.>
> There is new energy flowing through the whole building. There is a new
> sense of purpose, a new resolve that is palpable. A cloud has been
> lifted.>
> Say what you will about our new president, and there certainly is a
> lot (pro and con) that could be and is being said, the folks at the
> pentagon are walking with a new skip in their step.
> Thought you might like to hear about this.


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