I endeavor to be the white man of your dreams and your nightmares.

If you are a woman you will lust after me.  My strength and endurance will provide you with a future of value.  If you are a man you will shield your eyes from the reflection of the son from the whiteness of my skin.  I shall call you out for the soul stealing  harridan or satan that you are.  My shield of worth will return all of your barbs  My sword of truth will make you righteous or cast you out.  The choice will always be yours, to face my wrath or join my ranks.  But, know this; no others exist.

“Also, there’s the little matter of racial sensitivities. Not too many people are aware that a century or so ago, the accepted term for persons of the Negro race was “black.” But over time, the race-hustlers deemed that term offensive. So the accepted term became “colored.” Over time the race-hustlers anathematized that term as well. So the accepted term became “Negro,” the technical racial classification. But over time that term was deemed beyond the pale. So now we’re down to “African-American”—but that won’t last; give ‘em time.”



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