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When the crowd changes course behind your back is when you know you are not their leader.

You don’t win by running from your extremists and stabbing them in the back in order to try to win the approval of the center. See: Sinn Fein. And yet, it appears elements of the Alt-Lite intend to make exactly the same mistake that Bill Buckley and his followers did when they banished dissidents from…

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Useful hobbies

This is really the last chance we have short of a “mountains of skulls.” He says that like it’s a bad thing. Some people collect stamps, some people collect shells, some people collect other things. I just happen to find the collecting, and sorting, and stacking to be a peaceful and relaxing pastime after a long…

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They’re the good guys…Oh, wait.

The media belatedly discovers that Turkey’s AKP is not a pro-Western party that will serve as a model for Islamic democracy:the Western party line remained unchanged over many years:“Turkey is now a vibrant, competitive democracy….” —New York Times, June 8, 2010“A vibrant democracy…an example of reform in the region….” —Foreign Policy, May 26, 2011“Regionally, a…

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