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Did you see that yellow streak?

At least, as long as they don’t have to fight for it or take any risks.Young America’s Foundation (YAF) has pulled out of Ann Coulter’s Thursday event at UC Berkeley, blaming the college for allowing left-wing extremists to terrorize conservatives on campus. “When Young America’s Foundation confirmed Ann Coulter would speak at UC-Berkeley as part…

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Cucks do what cucks do.

Ann Coulter, quite understandably, has decided to cancel her scheduled Berkeley appearance:Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has canceled her speech planned for this week at the University of California’s Berkeley campus after a dispute with university officials, who feared violent protests, over whether a safe venue could be found. “There will be no speech,” she wrote…

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Convergence = Destroy

“If those who wish to formally embrace everything from same-sex relationships to gluttony wish to set up their own organizations to pretend to worship the gods in whom they obviously don’t believe, there is nothing stopping them from doing so. So, ask yourself this: why is it so very important to them that they not only be permitted to join existing churches, but assume leadership of them and change their long-standing policies?”








Apparently we’ll soon discover how completely converged the Methodists are:Karen Oliveto clutched a friend’s hand, closed her eyes and wept when she learned last year she had been elected a bishop of the United Methodist Church. Oliveto, who is married to another woman, had become the denomination’s first openly gay bishop.Within minutes, a formal complaint…

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Tolerance has failed.

It appears that Russia is leading the way towards a much-needed rejection of “religious freedom” in the West:Russia’s crackdown on religious activity took a major step forward this week as the Justice Ministry banned Jehovah’s Witnesses. Russia has steadily curtailed rights to evangelize in recent years, but this move signals their commitment to aggressively policing…

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