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Low tech to win.

I’ve maintained since I was a young man that low tech has a better chance of winning a battle and a war.

A country that builds billion dollar airplane and multi billion dollar submarines and surface fleet vessels can only afford to build a few of them.  They then have to hope that they don’t break and that the other side does not come up with an answer to these expensive toys.

On the other hand a country that can build thousands upon thousands of low tech airplanes or hundreds of diesel boat submarines or a fleet of a 100,000 surface war vessels on the cheap can absorb the loss much better than the country mounting a high tech war.  The same can be said for land based war machines.  Tanks by the millions at a low cost.  Or even jeeps with something like the TOW missile.

It has been said many time:  Quantity has a quality all its own.


The future

I don’t often direct your attention to the Darkstreams – I usually neglect to post them here at all – but I think this particular Darkstream is a particularly important one for anyone hoping to understand the relationship between Christianity and the Alt-Right, and why the eucivilizational atheists, agnostics, and pagans who support Western Civilization are…

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Suggested Sci-Fi

From Hugo Award finalist David VanDyke and million-selling science-fiction legend B.V. Larson comes Book 2 in the epic military space opera adventure saga, Galactic Liberation. Commodore Straker’s rebellion grows in strength–but his enemies are growing even faster. Faced with a dozen rebel planets in their territory, the Mutuality finally takes notice of the upstart known…

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