Targets abound.

There are so many targets of opportunity on the left.  The prize, of course, is Bill and Hillary and their criminal enterprise.  But, we have to start someplace.  Every Democrat; every college professor; every college administrator; every petty bureaucrat is a target.  Web sites like Huffpo, Salon, Slate, etc. provide targets galore.  Pick one.  Find their weakness, it won’t take long.  Use the tactics of our foes.  Harp on the target.  Hound them.  Complain to their hosts, to their sponsors.  Let their employers know that they wish the world ill.  Spread the word.

The swamp can be drained one SJW at a time.  It can be done.  They have their trolls, we have our Vile Faceless Minions.

Let the battle be joined.


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