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The original Comics-SJW — Vox Popoli

I’ve been a little taken aback by the sheer vituperation of the SJWs triggered by the mere existence of the Alt⭐️Hero concept, at least at this very early stage. And, I confess, I have been more than a little surprised by their apparent confusion between the late Marvel/DC artist Jack Kirby and the superheroes that…

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Exclusive: Make Your Own Indoor Firing Range — Guns

Laser Ammo SureStrike Kits Make Home Practice Easy, Challenging By Dave Workman Expanded gun ownership and interest in accurate shooting has a downside: a shortage of places to shoot, especially in urban and even suburban regions. Where’s a new shooter to go? Indoor shooting ranges are showing up around the country, but not in every…

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Undoing the settlement, destroying the peace — Vox Popoli

ESR, an avowed Yankee, explains why it is a terrible idea to permit SJWs to demolish the symbols of Southern history and pride in the name of diversity and equality:The statues now at issue were mostly erected between 1865 and 1914 by organizations like the Daughters of the Confederacy who were fully invested in the…

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I think they’re done laughing — Vox Popoli

The SJW Trigger Sequence:LOL! LMAO! LMFAO! HAHAHAHAHA! So very ha!Me no care. Give zero fucks.ANGER! FURY! HATE HATE HATE! RAGE!GAYLIEN‏ @GuyWithOpinion1You know, I usually just laugh at you, but honestly fuck off and die. You don’t get to shit on Jack fucking Kirby’s grave, you Nazi fuck.Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxdaySure I do. He was a…

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SJWADD excerpt — Vox Popoli

Unearthed this beautiful example of an SJW tactic just today. Watching SJWs attempt to babble incoherently about logic is rather like watching monkeys chewing the covers off of books and bragging how they’ve totally got this “reading” thing down.Andrew Flick‏ @AndrewFlick87So many logical fallacies here.Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxdayName them. Specifically. Is it Ambiguity, Amphiboly, Combination,…

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THERE WILL BE WAR Volume VII — Vox Popoli

THERE WILL BE WAR is a landmark science fiction anthology series that combines top-notch military science fiction with factual essays by various generals and military experts on everything from High Frontier and the Strategic Defense Initiative to the aftermath of the Vietnam War. It featured some of the greatest military science fiction ever published, such…

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