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“What I believe should happen is that the schools need to start getting sued for failing to protect the children.

The truth of the matter is that children are in those public schools by force of law. The government forces parents to send their kids to the schools. Then when there is the occasional school shooter – they fail to protect them.

If your baby fell out of the crib at home because you turned away for a second – the hospital would likely report that incident to whatever version of child protective services exists where you live. The government (the law) makes an assumption that you are unfit to protect that child.

Why should the same rules not apply when a bunch of children get shot and killed at a school? It’s not like they don’t KNOW that these things happen. It’s why they have all the “no gun zone” BS around schools. The pro gun people are fond of pointing out that the shootings happen in no gun zones. What I’m saying here is that the no gun zone thing is a legal admission of a problem – and every time they fail to protect children from being shot – SUE THEIR ASSES FOR IT.

That will force the issue a lot quicker than all the haggling over gun rights will.”

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