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Fake Americans, fake solutions — Vox Popoli

This article by an early Fake American conclusively proves the power of identity politics even as he attempts to “solve” the problem of them.The beginnings of identity politics can be traced to 1973, the year the first volume of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago—a book that demolished any pretense of communism’s moral authority—was published in the…

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The False Narrative of Churchianity — Vox Popoli

The Zman rightly excoriates Churchianity and how its false narrative tends to cause people to erroneously reject genuine Christianity:The alt-right, like the larger dissident right, is a cultural phenomenon, not a political movement. Smart young males, mostly out of necessity, are picking up paleo-conservative ideas and questioning the prevailing orthodoxy. These ideas are being extended…

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Lower IQ, declining productivity — Vox Popoli

More of the unseen benefits of mass immigration altering US demographics:Evidence from the American Time Use Survey 2003-12 suggests the existence of small but statistically significant racial/ethnic differences in time spent not working at the workplace. Minorities, especially men, spend a greater fraction of their workdays not working than do white non-Hispanics. These differences are…

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