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YouTube Anti-Gun Policy — Knuckledraggin My Life Away

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Electing a new people — Vox Popoli

It’s called “immigration-based identity politics” and it’s merely a matter of scale:Drop into a political gathering almost anywhere in America, and you can usually name the party just by looking: Democrats increasingly reflect the racially mixed demographics of the nation’s cities; Republicans remain overwhelmingly white, older and more rural.That hasn’t always been true — a…

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Jordan Peterson is driving his critics nuts — Knuckledraggin My Life Away

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist, is having an enormous impact on our culture. His refusal to use legally mandated language has reverberated around the world. He is obviously rattling leftists as they continue to make hysterical claims about him. The most recent and long-winded example comes from Nathan J. Robinson, the editor of Current…

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It is legal in NJ for children to possess a weapon.

A New Jersey school district that allegedly suspended two high school students this week over a gun photo taken during a family visit to a private shooting range is facing community backlash and the threat of a lawsuit over district policies. The photo of four rifles, magazines and a gun duffel bag was shared by…

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