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Lest you be deceived about the true nature of the Intellectual Dark Web:Some of history’s darkest chapters involved brutal coercion of people because they didn’t accept that “Jesus is the son of God”. Assuming Christians have outgrown that inclination, they’d be wise to quit broadcasting this exclusionary claim. Seems obvious. What am I missing?- Bret…

via Judeochristianity at its finest — Vox Popoli

It’s jaw-droppingly astonishing to see a US diplomat complain about anyone else debt-trapping less-developed countries: A senior US diplomat launched a verbal barrage at Beijing’s economic presence in Pakistan, claiming the massive investment brought nothing but corruption and a legacy of debt. 196 more words

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Remember, anyone advocating for gun control is simply trying to disarm white America. With this in mind, let’s realize what the Center for American Progress has inadvertently accomplished with their latest report on gun homicides in the USA: the greatest predictor for gun violence in a state is the percentage of blacks living in the state.…

via Radical Left-Wing Think Tank Publishes Study on Firearm Homicides Inadvertently Showing Whitest States in USA Have Lowest Gun Homicide Rates — DC Clothesline