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The Magna T5 Commander 4.25 Custom Carry from UA Arms weighs only 25 oz. and has been specifically designed for left-handed carry. With its all-custom magnesium zirconium, its frame is non-corrosive. All parts are forged material, CNC-machined from billet. This 1911 is chambered in .45-caliber. UA Arms (615)

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Hysteria of the gun controllers.

The Parkland school shooting was tragic; it was not a national tragedy.

Don’t forget that there are over 100 million gun owners in America that did not kill anybody on that same day. The gun controllers want us to believe that it is the gun that is responsible for the killing of 17 people during the Parkland shooting. If that were the case then the 357 million guns in America would have killed the 317 million Americans on that same and many other days. Furthermore, over 99.99999% of the 32% of households in America that keep firearms haven’t used those firearms to kill anyone.

DC will never be the same — Vox Popoli

“What we did today is going to change DC Comics forever. Forever. There’s no going back anymore.”- John Cunningham, Senior Vice-President of Sales, Vice-President of Content Strategy, and Vice-President of Marketing at DC Comics/Warner Bros.Music to my ears, though long-suffering DC Comics fans will probably disagree. This is why:Before he was Batman, he was Bruce Wayne.…

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