Hotel Catalonia — Vox Popoli

In Spain, you can vote out, but you can never leave. It seems only fair to give the Spanish government’s side to the question of Catalonian secession and its recent actions in response to the Catalonians.After learning about the searches and arrests made on Wednesday morning by the Civil Guard at various Catalan government agencies,…

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Crackdown and resistance in Catalonia — Vox Popoli

Spain is cracking down on the Catalonian secessionists, causing more neutrals to support secession:I just got of the phone with Josep Maria Sole Sabaté, my friend and a leading Catalan historian and public intellectual. He was nothing short of breathless as he described the helicopters flying overhead stated flatly that he was in the the…

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Trump’s UN speech — Vox Popoli

A little more bellicose and interventionist than I like, but all in all, vastly superior to any U.S. President’s foreign policy since Reagan. I particularly liked the shots aimed at globalism and mass migration, as well as the implicit criticism of the post-WWII neoliberal world order.Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, world leaders, and distinguished delegates,…

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